Real-time simultaneous device testing

Simulate any site on multiple devices side-by-side in a single tab. Elevate your Development, UI/UX Design, and Quality Assurance workflows.

Everything You Need for Multi-Device Testing

Mobile View isn't just another responsive testing tool. It's your all-in-one solution for real-time, cross-device website simulation.

Simultaneous Device Testing

Simulate your site on multiple devices side-by-side in real-time, all in a single browser tab.

Real-Time Code Updates

Experience instantaneous code updates across all simulated devices when using hot-reloading.

Device Skins and Rotation

Device skins for immersive testing and marketing screenshots, and landscape and portrait modes.

Scroll and Navigation Sync

Achieve synchronized actions like scrolling and navigation across all the devices, all the time.

Capture and Record

Capture premium-quality screenshots and recordings for marketing and testing across all devices.

Universal Compatibility

Universally compatible on the web, navigate freely between any website or page, without limitations.

Works with your technologies

Build responsive websites

Optimize responsive design effortlessly with Mobile View's real-time multi-device testing and comprehensive feature set